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Ensuring your cat or dog has regular examinations – also known as preventative care – is the key to them living a long, healthy life.


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Why does my pet need general examinations?

Regular examinations help to prevent commonly treatable diseases and detect any health conditions as early as possible. The cost of prevention is often a fraction of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has become more advanced, and early diagnosis and treatment of developing problems or diseases typically increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

How often does my pet need general examinations?

The frequency of wellness exams will depend on your pet’s age and health. During puppy and kittenhood, frequent check-ups are important to ensure they’re developing normally, and to provide them with all of their early vaccines. For adult cats and dogs, wellness exams are recommended every six months, whilst senior pets and those with chronic health conditions may require check-ups more often.

“Cats will amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a tin opener that can be operated with a paw.”


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