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drh. Rama Putra Juwansyah Zakaria

Senior Vet

I was born and raised in Surabaya. I started my veterinary education at UNAIR in the academic year 2013 and obtained my professional degree in early 2019. During my college years, I focused on participating in student activities related to the pet and exotic animal world. After obtaining my professional degree, I moved to Semarang to hone my skills and knowledge, specifically focusing on exotic animals because I am very fond of and admire veterinarians who specialize in exotics. I also keep many exotic animals, which is why I am very eager to delve deeper into the field of exotics due to my pride and the uniqueness of this area, which still has few specialists. Additionally, my hobbies are traveling and culinary exploration; discovering new places and exploring new areas bring me happiness.

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  • S1 (Skh): Universitas Airlangga 

  • Profesi dokter hewan (drh): Universitas Airlangga

Education and titles

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Expertise Areas

Bedah, eksotik, dan penyakit dalam

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Languages spoken

English, Indonesian and Javanese

Drh. Rama
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