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drh. Nurul Huda As Syifa

Junior Vet

I was born in Jakarta and raised in Bogor. I pursued my veterinary medicine degree at IPB University and continued with my professional veterinary education at the same university. My research involved radiographic X-ray imaging of the gastrointestinal tract in white-cheeked turtles using contrast media.

I have a keen interest in small animal practice and have been involved in internships at small animal clinics since my undergraduate studies. Currently, I am beginning to delve deeper into my interests in rehabilitation and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), particularly in the use of herbal medicine for small animals to enhance the therapy options available to pet owners.

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  • S1 dan Pendidikan Profesi Dokter Hewan Sekolah Kedokteran Hewan IPB University- drh.

Education and titles

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Expertise Areas

rehabilitation, interest: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

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Languages spoken

English and Indonesian

Drh. Nurul
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