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We feel that for too long, the veterinary industry has stagnated.  As other industries have evolved, there have been very few real developments in the veterinary experience.  We believe that there’s never been a better time to change this…

Reimagining Veterinary Care

For too long, visiting the vet has been a disappointing experience.

One of our co-founders found this out first hand, after seeking veterinary care for one of his cats who suddenly came down with an illness. He visited multiple clinics, spending hours in unloved, outdated waiting rooms before being able to see a vet.  There was often a lack of communication between the veterinary team and the customer, inadequate medical facilities, and a complete lack of pricing transparency. Medical records were difficult to obtain, keeping a track of treatments was almost impossible, and attempts to communicate with the vet directly over the phone were restricted.


It ensured that alongside the stress of dealing with his sick cat, the whole experience was unnecessarily stressful and confusing.  Our co-founder couldn't help but think to himself...

‘Surely, there’s a better way?’

From this point onwards, we decided it was time to change the veterinary care industry...

Our Mission

We are on a mission to revolutionize veterinary care by delivering the highest medical standards and expertise, situated in immaculately designed, comfortable clinics alongside best in class facilities and equipment.


Combining first class hospitality, alongside a genuine commitment to price openness and tech-enabled service, modern pet is a place where customers are happy, vets are proud to work, and veterinary care can excel. We are very happy to welcome you on this journey!


Our core values guide everything we do.

Our core values lay down the foundation for everything we do.  They provide a common purpose and framework for our employees, and help to guide our interactions with patients and customers on a daily basis.  We are happy to share these values with you.



We do things in the right way, and strive to show integrity in everything we do. We demonstrate respect for our staff, customers and suppliers and aim to always do the best by them. We wish to be viewed as being honest, trustworthy and highly reliable



We believe that showing empathy in the workplace matters – a lot. We care about our colleagues. We care about our customers. In each case we do our best to understand their needs, show a personal touch and create rewarding relationships.



We are dedicated to absolute excellence. Everything we do should be of a high standard. With a genuine passion for our business and a real attention to detail, we are fully committed to creating superb experiences for both our customers and employees.



We strive to conduct our work in the most sustainable way possible, making responsible decisions that set our people,our planet, and our business up for long term prosperity. We wish to make positive impact in the communities we live, and preserve the environment for tomorrow.

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We passionately believe in animal welfare.  That's why we work alongside number of non-profit charitable organizations to help find loving homes for domestic animals they currently care for in shelters.  If you're thinking of adopting a pet, you can find those ready to find their forever home on our designated Community page.

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail."


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