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For too long, veterinary professionals have been undervalued. Poor work conditions, inadequate support and low pay are just a few of the problems widespread throughout the industry.  We intend to change all of this.  It’s time to ensure that veterinary staff are respected, valued, and well-rewarded.

Join our family

Do you want to join a rapidly growing veterinary company which wants to revolutionize pet care, and that truly values its staff? We are always on the lookout for positive, friendly, and dedicated professionals who are committed to excellence and reaching their full potential.

Truly the heart and soul of our business. Always working together as a team, it is the expertise and love of animals shown by our Care Team, that allows us to provide our customers with a new kind of veterinary experience.  If this sounds exciting to you, we'd love to hear from you.


A collaborative team consisting of managers, operators, designers, developers and strategists (and plenty in-between).  Their mission is to define the future of veterinary care and create the best environment in which our medical professionals can excel. Join us to be part of this exciting journey.

“Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will

cause most inconvenience.”



We do things in the right way, and strive to show integrity in everything we do. We wish to be viewed as being honest, trustworthy and highly reliable.


Everything we do should be of a high standard.  With a genuine passion for veterinary care, we are fully committed to creating superb experiences for both our customers.


We understand that working as a team and supporting each other leads to greater success and the chance to achieve more.  Through collaborating, we multiply our contribution and are stronger.

Workplace Culture

We like to have fun! Our passion and energy are contagious, and we want team members who come to work with a smile on their face.  We genuinely believe that a fun working environment will create a more enjoyable experience for our customers. That certainly sounds like a win-win situation to us.

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"Working at modernvet has been such a rewarding experience. Everyone
works closely together as a team, and collaboration is always encouraged."

Dr Agung

What Our Team Says

'I feel so lucky to have found a group of doctors that collaborate constantly

and take interest in each other's cases.'

Dr Imelda

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