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drh Anjani Retno Setiawati

Senior Vet

Born and raised in Merauke, South Papua, I pursued my undergraduate degree at the Bogor Agricultural Institute starting in 2008 and completed my veterinary professional education in 2015. I am deeply interested in internal medicine, especially Feline Medicine. My fascination with various animal diseases has driven me to explore other areas such as oncology and endocrinology. I hope that as my skills improve, I will be able to help and save many patients. Being in love with your job and animals keeps my life balanced and, of course, happy.

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  • Pendidikan Profesi Dokter Hewan (DRH) - Institut Pertanian Bogor

  • Sarjana Kedokteran Hewan (SKH) - Institut Pertanian Bogor

Education and titles

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Expertise Areas

Internal Medicine, Oncologist

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Languages spoken

English and Indonesian

Drh. Anjani
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