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drh. Dorty Prihastina

Senior Vet

I have been very lucky to live the dream. When I was a child, I wondered if everyone wanted to be a doctor for people, who would treat the animals? Since then, it has become my life’s mission to be a great veterinarian capable of helping all animals.

Throughout my more than 10 years career development, I have worked with many species and contributed to various projects while collaborating with amazing vets from around the world. I started my career in 2012 working as zoo veterinarian in Batu Secret Zoo, in that time I had a chance to do some externship in a couple of vet clinics in Australia.

To develop my skill, I decided to move to Jakarta and work under Dr. Gunawan in Jakarta Vet. In 2016, I moved to Saudi Arabia and work in the zoo again. While I worked in the zoo, I was still actively treating pets. I had externship in APC vet clinic in Riyadh and also worked closely with the American veterinarian army in public service such as free treatments for pets and TNVR programs. I learned a lot in my 4 years in Saudia Arabia, especially in surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine. I went back to Indonesia in 2020 and joined Groovy Vetcare, Jakarta, and start to specialized myself in Veterinary Emergency Medicine. Before I joined Modernvet I got a chance to do post-graduate veterinary college internships in Glasgow University.

I have a strong interest in Emergency Medicine and plan to develop my skills in this important and exciting discipline. It is very rewarding to bring an animal on the brink of death back to life. To pursue this interest, I have joined several courses to hone my skills in Emergency Medicine and Surgery. I also aim to be an international accredited veterinarian. I want to help all animals wherever I might be. It would be an honor to be there for all animals to help them during their most difficult times.

During my free time I volunteer at animal shelters to help the animals to receive the treatment they deserve. I am also a vet consultant in one of the zoos in Bandung. I love to travel. When I travel, I enjoy visiting zoos, trying new food, and just experiencing life.

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  • Universitas Udayana

Education and titles

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Expertise Areas

Emergency medicine, mamalia exotic, dan Surgery

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Languages spoken

English and Indonesian

Drh. Dorty
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